Hello, and welcome to my world of craftsmanship and artistry! I’m Mina Saeidi Nejad, a passionate jewelry photographer and jewelry maker with a deep love for capturing the exquisite beauty of jewelry and creating timeless pieces that adorn people’s lives.

About My Photography:

My journey as a jewelry photographer began with a fascination for the intricate details and unique stories that each piece of jewelry holds. With years of experience behind the camera, I’ve developed an acute eye for highlighting the fine nuances of jewelry, from the sparkle of gemstones to the texture of precious metals. My goal is to bring your jewelry to life through my lens, creating images that not only showcase your creations but also tell a captivating visual story.

About My Jewelry Craftsmanship:

As a jewelry maker, I handcraft each piece with dedication and precision. Whether it’s an elegant necklace, a pair of bespoke earrings, or a custom engagement ring, I pour my heart into every creation. I draw inspiration from the world around me, and I’m committed to using high-quality materials to ensure that each piece is as unique and enduring as the person who wears it.