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Welcome to our dance academy, where passion meets precision on the dance floor. At our academy, we strive to cultivate a nurturing environment where dancers of all ages and skill levels can flourish. With experienced instructors dedicated to imparting their expertise, we offer a diverse range of dance styles including Persian, Azerbaijani, contemporary, Belly dance, and more. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer looking to refine your technique, our classes cater to your individual goals and aspirations. Join us in celebrating the joy of movement and expression at our vibrant dance community.

Anooheh Booryaee: Dance performer, Instructor, and Choreographer/
Owner of Anooheh Dance Studio

Anooheh is an Iranian-Canadian dancer who has been trained since the age of 8. She has learned various forms of dance, such as Belly dancing, Azerbaijani dance, Classical and Fusion Persian dance, and Contemporary dance, and performed on numerous stages and festivals in Toronto and other cities in Canada.

In 2020, Anooheh started her own dance studio and worked on her own projects. She who loved the folklore dances of Iran tried to collect, document, and perform these great cultural treasures through research, travel, and learning from prominent and genuine masters. She aims to train a new generation of dance enthusiasts who can show the beauty of original Iranian dances through international performances. Ultimately, relying on her creativity and artistic experiences, Anooheh always seeks new combinations and ideas in the field of modern art and fusion performances.